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Flexible Space

Shared hosting space suited to your size, in 500 and 1000MB's
Upgradable anytime, ready within a few hours.
Standard contract are in minimum 6 months span.

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Never Fuss

Requests and confirmations are easily sent via WhatsApp, SMS
and our special QueryBot

Your projects also readily monitored through our client area.

Our Core Businesses

Flexible Shared Hosting

Shared hosting starting from 500MB. Available in increase of 500MB and 1GB. Minimum tenure 6 months.

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Web Domain Names

Vast range of TLD's available, ranging from popular .com, .net, .org to .id and many more available upon request.

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Instant* Website

Custom responsive static web pages delivered to you in an instant* (within several days). Choice of outstanding templates available.

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VPS Cloud

Delivers Linux VPS located in Indonesia, maintained by renowned company, with a very competitive price.

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Logo Design

Company logo designed by mahastama design bureau of vast portfolio.

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TrazzHost redefined "Flexibility"


Facing plenty of tight options to make when going to have a website?

For many, the experience is excruciating when we have to decide something with many a considerations and then having another fuss later when your option needs an adjustment - whether from finding the right domain name of your choice for the website, selecting space and specification packages (bandwidth, database capacity, subdomains, etc.), and then having your website set.

TrazzHost is here to simplify the process, so you will be able to finish the whole process in just a few simple steps, by giving you an simple choices. Our goal is that you should not fuss with your choice. Now, why don't you start with us?


FLEXIBLE means SIMPLE and ROBUST! Here are our services to make things simpler

Flexible Hosting Space

An easy choice of space to start with: 500MB for small sites (tailor-made or for app installed through Softaculous), and 1GB for complex and database-heavy sites.
If you ever need an increase, it is available with 500MB and 1GB units suited to your needs.

If you need an immediate increase, you only have to pay the additional space for remaining contract months, and the increase will up in an hour without any additional set-up costs.

All-in Shared Hosting

Why we insist you to think only about SPACE?

Because these others are UNLIMITED:

Access bandwidth, subdomains, databases, email accounts, mail forwarders, FTP accounts.

These services are also INCLUDED:

Hosting CPanel, Softaculous (install a vast choice of web apps instantly on your space), free domain management requests (transfer lock, transfer code, hide registrant data).

Robust Server

Our servers are located in the USA with mirrors in Singapore and India and managed by experienced cloudmaster. Uptime is guaranteed 99.99% a year, data is securely backed up and supports SSL certificates.

Wide Choice of Domain Names

You can check the availibility of your choice of domain name here and purchase it directly through us.
We have a wide range of TLD's so you won't need to purchase it outside and having the complexity of setting it up to the hosting space.
Even unlisted TLD's are still available for inquiry using our advanced QueryBot. When you purchase your domain through us, we will do the settings free for you.

Virtual Private Server

For you who don't want to share, we have an option for Linux VPS.
Managed by a trusted provider, satisfaction is guaranteed with 30-days cashback if you experienced problem within the first month.

Rapid Web Development

If you are in a hurry to have a website, we can do it for you.
Rapid static responsive web development can bring your website within a few days. Just supply your contents and we'll do the tailoring. There are vast choices of licensed templates available from well-known template sites, awaiting your selection.

Options are available for the sake of flexibility, without scarificing too much time.

"Ordinary" web development projects also available for inquiry.

Special UKM Package

We have a special company profile web package for UKM's which can rapidly deployed within a day.

There aren't a flexible choice indeed, but we've got it covered to all your UKM needs by subscribing system.

This is useful when you've got no touch in technologies but you want to make sure your UKM business up and away on the net.

Easy Pricing

Our pricing are declared clearly and in simple numbers. Our domains even classified in price brackets to ease you for calculations. All prices are in rupiahs, please inquire for dollar prices.

Payments are available through bank transfers and PayPal

Pricing - HOSTING

Rp 15.000
per month
  • minimum contract 6 months
  • Rp. 150.000 yearly
  • +DOMAIN Class A, B or C:
    Rp. 250.000 yearly
  • Upsize:
    per 500MB: Rp. 10.000 per month
    per 1GB Rp. 20.000 per month
Rp 1.000.000
per month
  • minimum contract 3 months
  • 100GB SSD2, 4 CPUs, 8192MB RAM
    Bandwidth: 4000GB/month up to 1 GBPS
    2 IP Addresses, CentOS
    Access via SSH
  • Upsize:
    500GB HDD - Rp. 500.000/month
    CPanel - Rp. 250.000/month
    WHMCS - Rp. 300.000/month
    Additional IP Address - Rp. 100.000/month


Minimum contract 1 year, maximum 3 years.

Rp 60.000
per year
  •,,,,,, .id
Rp 115.000
per year
  •, .us, .name, .xyz
Rp 125.000
per year
  • .com
Rp 135.000
per year
  • .net, .info,
Rp 145.000
per year
  • .biz
Rp 155.000
per year
  • .org
Rp >155.000
per year
  • .asia: Rp 175.000
    .in: Rp 195.000
    .tv: Rp. 365.000
    .co: Rp. 385.000
Rp ?
per year
  • upon special request

Pricing - WEB SITES

Express Static One Page
Rp 500.000
+ Rp 250k H+D /year
  •   1 Pages Website
  •   Ready in 2 days*
  •   Responsive Bootstrap
  •   5 blocks @ 780px height
  •   Plain or templated
  •   Can be ordered without hosting + domain, or with 1 Year Hosting + Domain (class A-C)
  • *average time, depends on data readiness and template complexity
Simple Dynamic
starting from Rp 3 juta
  •   Dynamic Website with simple business process
  •   Responsive Bootstrap
  •   PHP-MySQL
  •   Plain or templated
  •   Ready in 4 weeks*
  •   Free 1 Year Hosting + Domain (.com/.net)
  • *average time, depends on data readiness and template complexity
Dynamic Web-based Systems
starting from Rp 5 juta
  •   Dynamic Website or Web-based System
  •   Responsive Bootstrap
  •   PHP-MySQL
  •   Plain or templated
  •   Free 1 Year Hosting + Domain (.com/.net)
  • Please contact us for more information.


UKM Express Dynamic
5 Pages
Rp 900.000
abonnement (subscription) per year
  • 5 Pages Website, choose page blocks from template here
  • Ready in 7 days*
  • Responsive Bootstrap
  • Max. total 12 blocks @ 780px height
  • Limited customisation in terms of colour, menu, and block positions for the first setup (free)
  • All materials (text and images) from UKM
  • 3x static content revisions per year
  • Dynamic elements (choose 3): Slider, News, Gallery, Schedule, Price List
  • Free UKM Hosting + Domain (Class A, B or C) and company e-mail connected to GMail
  • Can be bought without abonnement/subscription at Rp 1.250.000 without hosting and domain
  • *average time, depends on data readiness and template complexity


  • Indosaparella


  • Cokroningrat Imperial Park

    Cokroningrat Imperial Park

  • Soalku



Our Clients

I use TrazzHost as the hosting for my personal file server, and I found it never failed.

Our Clients

I use TrazzHost as the hosting for my personal file server, and I found it never failed.